Intangible1 Bags $24k for Second Place Finish in iPoker Sunday Major

Bear Hug Poker Editorial Staff

Bear Hug’s in-house MTT coach, Intangible1, scored $24k in last week’s Sunday Major on iPoker. Intangible1’s score represents the single largest score for any Bear Hug player since Bear Hug’s launch seven months ago. We thought this provided the right moment to ask Intangible1 his thoughts on the tournament and his insights on the game generally from both a playing and coaching perspective:

Bear Hug: Firstly congrats! Tell us about the tournament and the heads-up phase.Intangible1: I just won a nice pot before getting heads-up which gave me a nice lead in chips over my opponent .I believe I started off well in the hu game, made some good plays and was leading the match. My opponent was chipping down, but was definitely not giving up and kept alive in the game. While the blinds went up and I was chipping him down, I felt a stage was coming up where he had to get more risky and aggressive. After the hourly break this stage had arrived and he started shoving some hands all in preflop instead of opening. This way he kept his head above water and could chip up a bit. Then a crucial hand came. I defended 67s in the BB and the flop came 652 rainbow. I checked to my opponent and he made a continuation bet on the flop. I decided to take over the aggression and because the effective stacks were not deep check-raised him all in, knowing that he even might call with some pairs lower than a six. He called 68o and the board ran out 4…6 and he doubled up. From this point we were about even and I tried to get my lead back, a few plays worked out well, but for the rest I wasn’t getting the hands I needed and was missing several boards where I gave up my hand. This way I ended up being the shorter guy until a point where I openshoved the SB and my opponent called me with a dominating hand to let me finish 2nd. Overall I was happy with my play and a little unhappy with the outcome, but that is what can happen at times in those heads-up situations.

Bear Hug: What are your thoughts on the state of on-line poker today?

Intangible1: Online poker is evolving; it was an accessible thing for people all over the world and these days some countries have restricted this possibility. The level of play is better than it has ever been and the formats of games are changing as well. The internet is an indispensable thing these days and a way to connect with the whole world. I strongly believe online poker will always be a part of poker in the future. However a lot of parties involved in online poker are definitely searching for a format which is the most satisfied.

Bear Hug: Are there any new approaches or directions you would like to see the major online poker sites take in the future?

Intangible1: It is very clear that the main goal of poker sites have been to attract new players to their site. However with all the developments which have taken place the last few years and the big boom in the past new approaches should be considered. There are these days a lot of very good players at all levels and there are less reckless newbies. An approach with this shift of player types considered should be in place. In my opinion they should look into organizing different kind of competitions that all players or player groups can take part in with good prospects. This way it gets even more the feel of a sport. This effect can already be felt in the series’ you have online and offline. During these events poker always gets a sort of boost. I think outside these events there should be some sort of league format run as a yearly competition on different playing levels.

Bear Hug: What do you enjoy most about being a poker player?

Intangible1: The thing I enjoy most about being a poker player is the competitive aspect of the game, the freedom in planning the times you play and the fact that possibilities are unlimited in poker.

Bear Hug: You have been a very effective coach for the Bear Hug team. Tell us about your coaching style and the things that you attribute your success as a coach to.

Intangible1: As a coach you want to let people do things they do in a better way, to get results more appealing to them. It isn’t about saying “do this or do that” and “don’t do this or don’t do that”.

Furthermore, the mental side of poker is very important for your performance. I try to let people understand what things they need to work on and whenever I think they are making mistakes it is my job to let people understand these mistakes and come up with a method to avoid these mistakes.

Bear Hug: What would be your advice to a young player starting out in poker with aspirations to be a winning professional?

Intangible1: It is easy to get drunk on ego or dreams when you are young and starting. Poker can be a long journey full of learning with a lot of obstacles you have to overcome. I advise young players to take life lessons from the things that happen in your poker journey and to take life lessons to the poker games. Be honest with yourself, get as much help as is available from people with credit and learn to understand yourself. From that point you can be a very successful winning professional. If you ignore important aspects of yourself and poker you will face hard times.

Bear Hug: What in your opinion does it take to be a top level player in the online game today?

Intangible1: It takes dedication and discipline these days to be a top level player. You have to be aware of the changes in the game and adjust accordingly. Every time you have an opportunity to do well in any kind of game you can’t be in a bad state of mind. Reviewing and studying is also very important these days to stay at the top.

Bear Hug: Which phase of deep field MTT events do you find most challenging and why?

Intangible1: In deep field MTT the phase I find the most challenging is when you get to the last few tables of a tourney up to the final table. In this phase you know that you can either get a nice score today or you will be sent to the showers with some pocket money! Every mistake will be a stab in your chest and every big chip-up will make you feel like a champ.

Bear Hug: Which phase of deep field MTT events do you consider your strength and why?

Intangible1: I believe I have strength in different phases of deep field MTT’s, but often enough I see people making big mistakes at final tables. These mistakes would not be that significant earlier in the game, so I think my strength lays there. For instance in the Sunday Special I was going to the final table as 5/9, then 5/6 in a later stage and still managed to get heads-up with a chiplead. I think this comes from having a good feel for tendencies and understanding some important MTT concepts. I also played loads of sngs back in the day, these can have a big impact on your final table feeling.

Bear Hug: What type of players do you find the most challenging to play against and why?

Intangible1: For me the most challenging players are the unpredictable, less experienced players. While you have an edge on players like this, it is very hard to understand their decisions at times and you might confuse yourself into making calls or laydowns which were not correct. On the other hand, this makes the game fun and really puts you to the test.

Bear Hug: How do you see your future in poker and what are your specific goals as a player and a coach?

Intangible1: I hope I can develop myself into a very good player and coach, in such a way that when I have to look back I can be proud of myself. My main goal as a player is to be a consistent winner in the formats I play, but at the same time to enjoy the things I do. To achieve this goal a lot of hard work, dedication and discipline will be needed. As a coach I have the goal to develop effective ways to help poker players boosting their performance and to develop skills I can use as a coach or anything else in life in general.

Bear Hug: Which do you enjoy more, playing or coaching and why?

Intangible1: Without playing there is no coaching! I enjoy both to be honest and I in my opinion you have to play here and there to be able to know how the game is these days and what is needed to coach others. There is not one or the other I would prefer at this point. Every success you have in either of them is enjoyable.

Bear Hug: Tell us about your experience as a member of the Bear Hug team from your unique perspective as both a player and coach.

Intangible1: I am really glad to be a member of the Bear Hug team. It is really a place where people care about how you are doing and they understand what is needed for a player and even a coach. The combination of the team leaders makes it a powerful team and I am positive the player group has a lot of talent and dedication. Always have a feeling you can say anything and group players have good contact with each other. The atmosphere is enjoyable and there is always room for a joke.

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