Player Interview – Scott Murdoch-Aitchison

Bear Hug Poker Editorial Staff

A few weeks ago Bear Hug Poker was fortunate enough to have their second player win the Champion Chip Sunday Major on Ongame – At the end of a long session Scott Murdoch Aitchison took down the tournament for just over $13,000. As is now customary, Bear Hug Poker commissioned a personalized trophy to recognize his success and grabbed him for a quick interview!

Bear Hug: Hey Scott, how did you first get into poker?

Scott: I first got into poker by watching it on TV, around the time Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP. Then I started to play with friends and seemed to do well so I bought a computer, put £50 in and that was it, hooked!!

Bear Hug: What is it you like most about playing poker?

Scott: I enjoy the strategic side of the game, to have a mental picture of where you stand against players and what strategy to use against them as well as the numbers side… oh and the winning of course!

Bear Hug: Obviously poker, like any profession, has it’s ups and downs. What are the best and worst things about playing for a living? Do you think poker will always be your profession now?

Scott: The best thing about playing poker for a living is that it is a profession I love and enjoy each day; as long as you have a healthy routine alongside playing poker there aren’t many things I dislike about it as a profession. I guess the downside can be the variance which can play on your mind during bad runs! Yes poker will always be my main focus.

Bear Hug: Tell us how you won the Champion Chip on Ongame; were there any key hands which made the difference?

Scott: Key hands from what I remember were; hitting a flush v Moorman which got paid with 14 left; with 6 left I flat called a maniac’s open pre with aces on the button knowing he would cbet at least half the pot. The flop came 8 high and he shoved (big overbet), I call and he has A8 so was happy with the way I played it.

Bear Hug: Was this your first Sunday Major win? Where does it rank against your previous biggest wins?

Scott: This win ranks up there with my best tourney cashes, my first major win with Bear Hug (not to be the last!). I’ve won a few on Stars but they were cheaper tourneys with more runners so I would place this win as my best.

Bear Hug: What advice would you give to aspiring players thinking about turning pro?

Scott: My advice to aspiring new players would be to do your homework, get the right coaching, have a good support structure around you to bounce ideas and strategies off and try to evolve as the game does. Eat well and exercise; healthy body, healthy mind :)

Bear Hug: What are your main ambitions as a poker player long term? Do you have any immediate ambitions for the next 12 months?

Scott: My long term ambitions are to keep improving and evolving with the game, to be a regular winner at the higher stakes games and maybe play a few more live tournaments. As for the next 12 months… win another major!

Bear Hug: And finally, what’s it like being a part of the Bear Hug Poker team?

Scott: I have nothing but praise for the Bear Hug team, fantastic support structure and great coaching. I receive great advice not just for playing cards but with the mental side of the game which helps immensely. Glad to be a part of the team :)

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