Player Interview – Liam Wright

Bear Hug Poker Editorial Staff


This week we interviewed one of our staked players, Liam Wright. Liam took down OnGame’s Sunday Major, The ChampionChip, for just over $17,000 in November 2013, and this week received a bespoke trophy from Bear hug congratulating him.

Bear Hug: Hey Liam, how old are you and where are you from?

Liam: I’m 21, from Spennymoor, County Durham.

Bear Hug: How did you start playing poker?

Liam: I started playing poker when I was 13 years old, after watching my uncle play the Poker Millions on TV.

Bear Hug: Are there any players in particular who you look up to?

Liam: If I were to choose one player I look up to it would be Daniel Negreanu. I always liked his style, his gift for reading hands and his overall positive attitude towards the game.

Bear Hug: What is it about poker that you like?

Liam: I like playing poker for the fun of the game, in my opinion you can’t beat it. I also enjoy the challenge of the game and the satisfaction that comes with winning, whether it be first prize or just consistently cashing. Making the right call at the right time is also very satisfying.

Bear Hug: And how do your parents feel about you playing poker?

Liam: They’ve always been fully supportive of my choice to play poker, and wish me all the luck in the world!

Bear Hug: Nice, that always helps! Tell us how you qualified and won the ChampionChip on OnGame.

Liam: I qualified through a $5 turbo rebuy satellite just 20 minutes before the ChampionChip itself was due to start.

Bear Hug: Did you feel any different going into this final table compared to the games you would regularly play?

Liam: Even thought this was the biggest final table I’d ever played live or online, I felt relaxed and confident as I went into the final with a big chip lead over the other players.

Bear Hug: Were there any key hands you remember that made the difference?

Liam: There’s only one key hand I can remember; we were 3 handed and I was 3/3. I got all-in pre with 99 v AQ and the flop brought a 9. I was pleased to get through that hand at such a crucial stage without a sweat!

Bear Hug: What did it feel like to win a Sunday Major?

Liam: I was shattered after playing for 10 hours, but saying that I also struggled to sleep for 2 days after with excitement!

Bear Hug: What advice would you give to aspiring players thinking about turning pro?

Liam: If you’re going to turn pro I think you need to be prepared to put a lot of time and effort into your game and have one eye on keeping variance as low as possible. You also need to be very disciplined in general if you’re going to be playing at a higher level. (editors note: we can safely say Liam is certainly one of the most disciplined players we have come across and has an unquestionable work ethic!)

Bear Hug: What are your long term goals as a poker player?

Liam: My long term goals are to keep progressing through the buyin levels until I am able to make a consistent profit playing at the highest levels I can. You can’t start at the top, you have to work your way towards it over time.

Bear Hug: And last but not least, that’s a beautiful trophy you’ve got there! What’s it like to be a member of the Bear Hug Poker team?

Liam: It’s a privilege to play with Bear Hug, everybody on the team has a great attitude and it’s a pleasure to be a member!

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