Bear Hug Poker Hits the 2015 WSOP

Bear Hug Poker’s Jamie Burland and Henry Jacobson recently travelled to Las Vegas to attend to Bear Hug Poker business interests and to play six WSOP events. The following is a log that Jamie and Henry published daily for their investors that captures the action.

Monday 29 June – WSOP Event 59 $1,500 NLHE


I started well here and had doubled my 7,500 starting stack by the first break. At the start of level 3 I laid down middle set on the K river when Villain’s overpair (QQ) made a str8 on a T94J board. I mucked, of course, and only know Villain’s holding because he tabled his hand after I folded. He was a weak player and I knew he had gotten there with either QQ or KK when he donk jammed river. I had pounded the pot for significant value on both the flop and turn so this was an expensive hand. I was quite card dead from there until 15 minutes before the dinner break during level 6 when bvb I jammed 13bb with T3s from the sb and busted when T3s<A8. I was pleased with my play throughout.


I had a slow start in this event and a my decent starting table got progressively tougher throughout the day. Praz Bansi and Kevin Killeen were on my table the whole time and there were cameos from Rory Brown and Gavin Smith. Without knocking out any players I got my 7500 starting stack to 42k with one hand to go in the 300/600/75a level and then this hand went down:

Big table chip leader who is splashy and playing every pot calls a solid player’s middle position open, I call button with A8cc. BB also plays. Flop 992cc. Opener cbets 2.5k (40% pot), splashy guy immediately bets 10k with a big fist of chips.

I thought if he had a 9 or 22 he’d think for a second before raising right?

I go all in, folds round to him and he starts thinking about it. I think this is great because he def should fold 77, TT etc. he asks for a count, it’s about half his remaining chips. I’m thinking please call with a worse flush draw.

After asking the dealer to count out my chips he finds a call with 22.

Obviously, this was a brutal way to bust and the guy clearly has no love for the game. I was feeling pretty blue about it last night but this morning I feel loads better and can’t wait to get stuck in again into the second event of the trip, the Little One for One Drop.

EDIT: In Jamie’s bust out hand the turn was an A and you better believe the whole of the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino would have heard him shout “JUSTICE” if he had got there.

Jamie BurlandJamie Burland

Tuesday 30 June – Little One for One Drop $1,111 NLHE


Started well here again and chipped up to 17k from my starting stack of 10k before the first break. As usual, loads of sketchy play observed during the deeper stacked early levels. The day turned into a long grind after that with my stack hovering in the 25bb-40bb range for most of the of the day. I entered Level 10 (the final level of the day) with approx 30bb and managed to tick that over until the last orbit when the hijack shipped his last 17bb with A6dd and I called off from the sb with QQ. QQ<A6s when the ace hit the river which knocked me down to 12bb just before the 4:30 am close of play. So, while there will be a Day 2 for me, I’m going to have to get busy in a hurry. Wish me luck!


No luck in the One Drop, Bounty or Aria main event. It’s been a painful few days of poker for me. In the Bounty I won no hands before busting and in the Aria I won one hand before busting in level 11. That’s quite a grind!

One drop: the tournament starts deep stacked so my strategy going in was to play lots of pots vs bad players. This didn’t work well and I lost half my stack really quickly. The last 5k went in with a flush under a higher flush.

Bounty: was really looking forward to this event as I have studied this format online. Sadly was unable to get ahead or indeed win a pot. My bust out hand was AdKx in on QJ2ddd vs 222.

Aria Main: this was a good tournament to play and really an exercise in push/fold as it became quite turbo quite quickly. Annoyingly i was incredibly card dead and only managed to successfully find one 3bet jam spot in 11 levels before busting my last 4 big blinds.


Wednesday 1 July Day 2 Little One for One Drop $1,111 NLHE

Started well again today and ran my 12k stack up to 168k by the end of the first level. Managed to tick my stack over nicely as we climbed through the levels, maintaining a 40-100 bb+ stack throughout the day until the final two levels. For levels 19 and 20 I found myself on my 7th table change of the  day and very card dead for the last two hours at a tough table. The alternative to taking my medicine was play back at some tough competition with preflop air, which didn’t seem like a great idea. Consequently my 40bb stack ($263k) at the beginning of Level 19 withered to $170k by the end of Level 20 which translates into 17bb at the beginning of play on Day 3. There are 129 players remaining from the starting field of 4,555 and we are well into the money which hit with 468 players left. Wish me luck!

Thursday 2 July Day 3 Little One for One Drop $1,111 NLHE

Started well again today and was able to chip up from 169k to 583K before the first break. From there ticked my stack over nicely and kept pace with the rising blinds. I had 1m in chips by the time we finished 10k/20k blind level. I maintained this stack through Level 25 (12k/24k) and entered Level 26 (15k/30k) with 35bb. By the end of Level 26 I had lost a couple of small pots and was looking for a good spot to ship my 20bb stack (600k) over an open raise. The last hand before the dinner break went like this: I picked up AQdd on the btn and jammed over the co open raise. The sb folded and the bb (Jason Somerville) woke up with KK and had me covered. I got a little tease when the door card came up the ace of spades, but the third K was underneath it for a set. Just a cooler.

When we broke down to only 4 tables remaining, I really felt I had a good chance to make the final. Nevertheless, it was a good run and I thought I played well throughout this event. I probably shouldn’t feel too bad about finishing 35/4555 and the $16,193 cash, but I wanted to win and thought I could. On a technical note, I had become very ICM aware as the pay jumps were coming more frequently and managed a pay jump just before my bust out. On to the 777 tomorrow!

Henry JacobsonHenry Jacobson

Friday 3 July WSOP event 66 Lucky $777 NLHE


Henry and I have two bullets each if need be in this game. The state of play after Henry’s cash is $16,193 + $1,500 + $565 in unused buy ins. I’m pleased to say this means we will at least be small winners on the trip. Now to make this last game count!

Fired twice at this event and got cold decked both times:

First bullet: KK<AK aipf and busto

Second bullet: QQ<JJ aipf and busto

Both hands happened very early in each session and both times I was still near my starting stack of 5,000 and barely covered by Villain.


They got me again. Dream is over for another year. Happy that investors got a nice return on their money but disappointed not to contribute. Hope you enjoyed this thread and had fun railing us this week. Cheers

Henry Jacobson and Jamie BurlandHenry Jacobson and Jamie Burland

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