WSOP 2017 Team Bear Hug Poker Trip Report

by Henry Jacobson, Jamie Burland and Adam Toulson

The following is the daily diary or “Trip Report” kept by Team Bear Hug members Henry Jacobson, Jamie Burland and Adam Toulson that describes the highlights of their play from last summer’s WSOP 2017.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Event #47b Day 1b $1,500 NLH Monster Stack

Henry :

History repeats itself. Such was the case as I sat out the first day of the first event on our schedule. I can safely say that my research on the effects of long road trips on the sleep-waking cycle is complete. For a second year in a row, I was unable to find adequate sleep following my journey by car to Las Vegas from San Francisco.

I had thought the culprit last year was my late arrival and resolved to get an earlier start resulting in an earlier arrival this year – so far so good. What I hadn’t anticipated was the same difficulty in finding sleep as I had a year ago, but there it was – and in spades! My head was on the pillow by midnight looking forward to rising at a reasonable 8:30 am to grab breakfast with Jamie and Adam before getting stuck into the Monster Stack.

I tossed and turned until 3:30 am, which would have been fine had I slept through until 8:30 am but such was not to be. I was wide awake by 6:00 am and unable to find sleep again. At 7:30 am, I decided to pull the plug and headed to the Rio to unregister the event. While this pained me deeply, knowing when you’re good to go and when you’re not is part of this job.

I can assure all that read this that should I to drive Las Vegas next year for the 2018 WSOP, I will be building in a cushion of one day ahead of our first event to acclimate and allow the effects of the road to dissipate. There’s something about guiding two tons of steel over 600 miles of roadway at 80 mph for 9.5 hours that seems so easy, but that obviously winds my spring in a way that doesn’t present itself until I try to sleep.

I’m really looking forward to getting into action in tomorrow’s Day 1 of Event 50 $1500 NLH Bounty tournament. Should be a fun one!



Adam Toulson and Jamie Burland

The journey to Las Vegas was pretty smooth and Adam and I arrived on schedule, dropped off our bags and headed to the Rio to trade some currency with Max Silver, before using that money to play some 1-table sit and goes. I played 2 $175 games and won one of them. This got morale levels to a great place on day 1. I registered for the Monster Stack and went to bed feeling great about the trip ahead.

As fate would have it, having travelled across the world together, Adam and I drew the same starting table in the 7000 runner Monster Stack. It was impossible to un-reg and swap tables as come morning time, there were hug queues of people looking to enter.


Jamie Burland

It was a fun table of fun players and both Adam and I chipped up a little over the first few sessions. When I moved tables my luck changed. I moved to a really tough table. Thomas Ward and other tough pros made winning pots hard and I eventually busted in the penultimate level of the day, my AK losing to TT all in pre.

Back at it tomorrow for the BOOTY hunter!


I really enjoyed the 300 BB starting stack in this game. The super deep structure allowed for a lot of play and some chances to chip up early. I had a great start in this game and was able to get a stack going from the start. This was a very big field tournament with lots of recreational players involved. Despite that, I still managed to get the same opening table draw as Jamie. We played the few inevitable pots against each other, but both had healthy stacks by the time our table broke. Overall I had a comfortable day 1, until the last half hour of the final level of the day my comfortable looking 45k stack took a bad hit. I was down to 15k once more, albeit a lot closer to the money as we bagged and tagged for Day 2 play.


Adam Toulson

Monday, June 26,  2017

Day 2: Event #47b $1,500 NLH Monster Stack


Started the day with 11bb, which I managed to spin up pretty quickly, although I was patient at the start.  My 14k became 5k without really playing a hand due to card deadness. From there I went on a pretty good run spinning the 5k up to a healthy 82k. I made some nice plays which I was happy with before being moved to a considerably tougher table.

I had a tough time winning pots and was approaching the bubble as one of the shorter stacks. The bubble burst leaving me with about 30k which was about 10bb. I made one pay jump before jamming 8bb from the HJ with 98s and ran into AK, but 98s<AK and busto!

Event #50: $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em BOUNTY


I really enjoy the bounty format and feels it gives me an edge in the field over those that don’t really understand it. The starting stack of 150bb gave me room to play some of the more speculative hands in my range. I enjoy the deeper early stage because it lends itself well to my deep play skill set.

I treaded water for the first couple of levels but was able to chip up in levels 3 and 4 to about double my $7.5 starting stack. By the dinner break following Level 6, I had been able to chip up some more to about 3x the starting stack. I don’t recall exactly when I won my first and only bounty of the day, but it was a standard AK>JJ spot. While I didn’t connect with as many bounties as I would have like to (not for lack of trying, mind you!), I was able to get two exploitively large 3bet jams called by a gambly player to my right who was looking to play for every bounty he could. In this sense, while these overbets didn’t result in my winning any bounties, they did enable me to take advantage of the format and build my stack.

There were a lot of interesting spots today, and through them all I was able to continually tick my stack over and maintain a healthy 40-80bb stack while keeping pace with the rising blinds and antes. This was the case all the way through Level 10, at the end of which the money bubble broke at 290 players.

There were 264 remaining out of 1927 starters at end of play and I will begin Day 2 with 41,400 chips at 600/1200, which will give me reasonable playability.

Really looking forward to a great Day 2 and hopefully a deep run into the cash!


Henry Jacobson


Was really excited for this event as I believe I have a big edge over the field. I don’t think people have the math clear for how Bounty Hunter games change how you should approach the game strategically.

My table was decent. Good players on my right and recreational players on my left. I chipped down a little in the first session, and then quickly chipped up to 14k from my 7.5k starting stack after the break including taking one $500 Bounty. I opened 55 and a guy jammed for 18bb. Usually this might be a fold but due the bounty we should be happy to try and go for the elimination. I called and beat KQo.

Sadly, I then stopped hitting flops and my stack dwindled to 6k @ 200bb. An active player who had already picked up 3 bounties opened UTG2 and I decided to 3b TT from the HJ. This is questionable as I could flat call, but I thought it would be likely that he would set me in pre-flop and I felt that I was high up enough in my range to try and go for the double up. He called and the flop came KJ2 rainbow. We both checked, and also both checked the 6 on the turn. A 5 came on the river and my opponent set me in for 1.5x pot. At that point the second break started so I had plenty of time to think about the decision.

I figured that if he held Kx he would bet turn to shove river. I thought my hand looked a lot like QQ, or AJ so he’s making a very thin jam if he has Jx himself. Pocket 5s crossed my mind, as that hand would make a lot of sense.

In the end I thought he had enough hands like 98s and AQ/AT trying to get me to fold a weak pair or AK. I thought about my range on the river and my strongest hand is probably QQ, next I can have AJo but TT would be next in line. I figured I have enough folds if I fold AK and AQ and ATo that I play like this that I can call TT+ so I made a crying call and he showed me the pocket 5s for a rivered set.

Back tomorrow for another $1,500 NLHE for me

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Event #50: Day 2 $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em BOUNTY


Felt absolutely great starting the day. Got in a solid pregame meal along with exercise and meditation. My table draw was considerably tougher than on Day 1, which is to be expected, but I reviewed my opponents with Jamie before the game and developed a plan that included trying to play as many pots as possible with the amateurs at the table, while picking my spots carefully versus the tougher pros.

As was the case yesterday, I was able to tick my stack over and maintain pace with the rising blinds and antes through the levels, while picking up two more $500 bounty chips. Levels 13 and 14 were quite card dead for me but I was able to win a sizeable pot versus one of the weaker players in a bvb spot which held me over. I slipped briefly below the 30bb stack level near the end of Level 14, but was able to chip up to 125k during level 15 at 1200/2400. There were around 100 players left in the field at this point of the 264 that started the day.

Then, near the beginning of Level 16 (3000/6000/500), I experienced what was definitely a brutal 10 minutes of poker. The first spot was totally standard when I called off Joseph Chong’s 13bb ($39k) sb jam with 66. Joseph had been extremely active and is Nash all the way in these spots. With his $500 bounty chip in play, I was happy to call him off. Joseph showed K9o and a 9 came on the flop. All standard, and no big deal, as I still had a healthy 86k to work with.

Then on the very next hand, the cut-off opened to 7k and the btn called. I flatted as well in the sb with AcJh and the bb came along. The pot was 37k going to the flop. The flop came KhQhTc for the stone cold nuts and I shipped my stack as the effective stack was only 75k and the flop hit all their ranges, was quite wet and the SPR was a comfortable 2. I’m obviously doing this for value. The bb called and the co and btn folded. The pot was now 163k. Villain showed T7hh, which is a hand he obviously can’t get away from, but he’s drawing thin as I have the Jh, and I’m still better than a 2:1 favorite. The board ran our QxTx to give Villain a boat. Sick!

An orbit later I got my last 6bb in and KQo<66. Like I said, a bumpy 10 minutes.

I finished 96/1927 and cashed for $3,715 which included my 3x$500 bounty chips. There’s a two day break in the schedule for me until Friday and 5 more great events to jump into starting with Friday’s game. Can’t wait to get back into action!


Henry Jacobson

Event #52: $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em


It felt quieter at the Rio today even though this event got well over 1,000 runners. My starting table was tough; even the 65 year old lady on my right was proudly wearing a WSOP bracelet, and the table I busted on wasn’t much better.

I got short early when I opened Kings and bet 3 times vs the big blind on [8c7c4s] [3d] [2h] and got check-raised all in on the river. I thought for ages about the range of hands I bet for value three times like this. I’m pretty sure that range is something like [88,77,44,65s,A5s,QQ,KK&AA] which means that [KK] is one of the worst value bets I can have in this spot and if I fold [QQ & KK] and maybe [AA] too then I’m probably not getting too owned. I folded and the player said that he wished he had check-raised smaller insinuating that he had it.

I busted shortly after moving tables running [AK] into [88]. In all honesty, next year I might think twice about the midweek $1500 games at Rio and might throw in a game with a similar buy in at a different location where there might be less bracelet hunting young pros, and more stetson wearing oil tycoons.


Super tough opening table in 1.5k but managed to get out of it with 11k from 7.5k starting before being moved to a considerably softer table.

Things didn’t go so well from there and I was down to a rather slim looking 2k before recovering to a healthy 24k stack at my peak. Unfortunately things didn’t improve from there and I busted about 80 from the money during Level 10 when I jammed my last 8 bigs with AJ into AK and lost. .

Friday, June 30, 2017

Event #58: Day 1 $1,500 NLH


It was great to get back into action today after the two day break in the schedule. I felt well rested and got in a solid pregame routine in the morning that included a good meal, exercise and meditation. As it turned out, I would need all the energy I had to get through this day.

Levels 1 and 2 were uneventful with my starting stack of $7.5k dwindling a bit to around $6k. I was able to find some momentum as I got to know the players at my table and chipped up to 13.4k by the end of Level 4. Then my table broke and I was moved to a tougher table early in Level 5 where I lost a third of my stack when I had to dump KK when a horrible turn card gave me no choice. From there I never really found momentum at this table and went to dinner break following Level 6 with what would be 13bb at 250/500 for Level 7.

Happily my table broke during Level 7 and I found myself assigned to a far more agreeable table, where I was able to chip up during Level 8 to what would be 20bb when we came back after the 20 minute break to Level 9. At that point it appeared to most everyone that we would make it to the money by the end of play at Level 10.

I was quite card dead through Level 9 and by the time Level 10 came around, I could see that ICM considerations were going to be quite significant. I had been grinding a stack of <20bb since Level 5, and pulling out all the stops to maintain my 10-20bb stack while avoiding being picked-off, which a couple of the larger stacks at the table were making it their job to do.

When the clock got to 10 minutes left in Level 10, there were 273 players remaining of the original 1,763 runners with 265 being paid. An announcement was made that each table would play 3 more hands and if the field were to reduce itself to 268, they would play to the money before ending the session. By the time all the tables had played 3 more hands, the field had reduced itself to 269, one shy of the number needed to play to the money that day. So we bagged and tagged for a restart on Saturday at noon. Play will begin at 600/1200 blinds with me on a whopping 9k or 7.5bb.

We’ll sort out the field ahead of the start to see where I stand relative to the other short stacks to determine the best strategy to make the money and hopefully spin up from there.

I’m quite pleased with myself for having survived this day in which I was compelled to grind a <20bb stack for most of the day due to card deadness and the absence of fold equity.


Henry Jacobson


Played OK on a toughish table. All pros bar two recreational players two spots on my right. The game was trying to find some spots against those two, while not losing too much to the rest of the table. My stack hovered around starting stack, and my bust out came at the 100/200/25a level when both recreational players limped UTG and UTG1. From 6000 chips I made it 1200 to go with JJ. The UTG limper went all in for just over 6000. I called and lost to AK.


My 3rd tournament unfortunately was not a game to remember. After two deep runs in my opening events, I busted in Level 1 here.

A player new to the table opened the LJ to 125 at 25/50, the HJ flatted and I looked down at AA in the CO. I 3bet to 500 I was called by both the LJ and HJ. The flop rolled off T52 rainbow, the action checks to me and I cbet 600 into 1575. Only the LJ called and we saw a turn of 5x. He checked to me and I put out a bet of 1300. He thought for a bit before putting me all-in for my remaining 3500. After some consideration I call it off, as all although I don’t think he’s never bluffing, he can certainly have worse value hands. I also felt it was tough for him to have many 5x combos given I had made a sizeable 3bet preflop.

However, having made the call villain does roll over 85s and its game over for me.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Event #58 $1,500 NLH Day 2


Felt great today preparing for the session. Got in my usual pregame routine of a healthy meal, exercise and meditation. Also took the time to review my table draw with Jamie and construct my pre-money jamming ranges which were necessarily very tight due to ICM considerations. With 269 players left and 265 paid, we did not want to be one of the 4 poor souls that didn’t make the money.

We also discussed every situational consideration we could think of which had me feeling very comfortable and prepared when I sat down for the Day 2 session.

We picked up AA four-off-the-button in Hand 2 and got our 9bb in with that to pick-up the blinds and antes, which gave us a little more cushion. By the time we were half-way through the 2nd orbit, we had made the money and were sitting with the same 9k (7.5bb) we had started with. From there, I was able to get a little spin-up going and by half-way though Level 12, was sitting 20k deep at 800/1600. Incidentally, I had Chris Ferguson in the seat to my immediate right and along with some pleasant enough chit-chat, picked-up the only pot the two of us played in.

With 10 minutes remaining in Level 12, I picked-up AKo on the button and got my stack in over the hijack’s 2.2x open. Villain called to make up a 25bb pot (40k) and the flop came K8x. The turn came a 7 giving Villain 2 pair and I was not able to find an ace, king or counterfeit on the river, so AcKh<87dd and busto for 194th place and $2,446. While holding here would have put me in position for a significantly deeper run, I can’t complain about the spot and did manage a couple of pay jumps on my way there.

Of some note, that’s back-to-back-to-back WSOP cashes for me going back to the last game I played in last summer, the WSOP $1k Seniors event, so that’s a hat trick for me!

Tomorrow we’re into the 10am start of the $888 NLH event which promises to be one of the softer games of the summer with the lower buy-in, 4th of July weekend and run-up to the Main Event in full swing.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Event #60 Crazy 888 $888 NLH


I had a soft opening table for this event and was able to chip up to 10k from my starting stack of 8k. At the beginning of Level 5 I was moved to another table that was somewhat tougher (Phil Laak in my BB), but still very playable. With 10 minutes left in the level, I played the following spot. I’ve provided the hand history and my analysis:

Hero 10k hijack 150/300/50 AQcc

Utg folds

Utg +1 folds

Utg+2 raises 700
Lojack reraises to 1500
Hero calls 1500
Utg+2 calls 800
(Pot 5400)
Flop 9s3c2c
Utg+1 raises 2200
LoJack folds
Hero reraises all-in for 8500
Villain calls 6300 (he’s a little over 10k deep) and shows Q9dd
Turn brick
River brick
Hero busto
I had been at this table for 2 orbits. When Villain leads small on the flop, I have him on a range of J9s-K9s A9o TT-QQ 77-88 KQcc KJcc KTcc JTcc. I think he’s 4betting KK-AA and maybe QQ pre and checking 99 on the flop. I’m obv dominating his club draws which he’s probably calling with and I don’t know enough to say how much of his 9x range he’s folding, although I tend to think he’s folding some of it and he’s definitely folding 77-88. He’s an older guy, so depending on how he plays, he can probably fold some his TT-JJ hands as well.

Also worth noting that I’ve been very active since arriving at this table and have already jammed my stack twice (once over P. Laak). This is one of the reasons I’m not 4betting AQcc pre. These guys will have me on a 4betting range that’s wider than QQ+ AK at this point. I think cold calling 3bets is bad as a rule, but this is an exception because it’s too big a hand to fold but not big enough to 4bet based on my image and my opponent’s ranges.

I discussed this hand at length with my mates at Bear Hug with the focus on the preflop action as all agreed that the post flop action was standard. While there were some differing opinions, the balance of opinion weighed on cold calling the 3bet pre as being the correct line. gg

On to Event #63 $1,000 NLH tomorrow. Really looking forward to getting back into action!


This was a simply great tournament. I wish we had budgeted for more bullets in this one. I heard some pros fired 10 times. I almost made my one bullet count in an incredibly soft field. People were really loving the game in this tournament, extremely splashy play, and I was able to build up a nice stack. The turbo structure, however, meant that when I called two streets in a pot and lost the hand, I’m back down to the 20-30bb region.

As the day went on, Henry alerted me that we were fast approaching the money. There were about 50 players to go (311 paid) and Henry was sending me updates every 10 mins to say how many players had busted so I could get an idea of the burn rate. It seemed like we were losing 7-10 players every 10 minutes so it seemed like I should be able to lock up a cash with my 15bb and then have a run at the game. With 320 players left I was doing things like open folding 88 in middle position – playing super tight – but then disaster struck when I was dealt black Queens UTG off 13bb. This might be the worst hand I would shove with and I put 20k of my 21k in the middle. It folded round to the big blind who shrugged his shoulders and set me in. I frantically tried to find a screen I could see so that I could work out if I could time-bank to the bubble. I saw that there were 317 players left so I was too far away and called off the other 1k praying not to see AK. My opponent tabled TT which put me in an 80/20 to be taking 27bb into the money but sadly the board rolled out TxxTx giving him quad tens and busting me agonisingly close to the money.


Jamie playing in Crazy 888


Crazy 888. A somewhat uneventful tournament for me as I was unable to get a stack going. The 30 minute levels made this a turbo game, and unfortunately, I found few spots despite playing some hands I was very happy with.  4 hours into the event,  I still had a starting which translated into 10bb. I picked up a massive looking QQ, jammed, and was called by AK. K on the flop and gg.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Event #63 $1,000 NLH


I was able to chip up to 9k from my starting stack of 5k during Levels 1&2. Level 3 was even better as I chipped up to over 18k. I may have put my foot on the gas a bit to heavily in Level 4 as I had a few spots blow up on me a bit and found myself back to 10k by the end of the level. My stack bottomed at 6k during Level 6 before I found my footing and began to chip up. It was during this period that I busted David Pham who already had one gold bracelet for this year’s WSOP.

From that point and through Level 9 and 400/800, I was ticking my stack over nicely and maintaining a healthy 35-45bb stack. I was moved to a very tough table for Level 10 with approx 30k as we approached the money bubble of 263 players. From there I was mostly card dead and bagged 26k for Day 2, in the money with 182 players remaining in the field.

We’ll be back for Day 2 tomorrow at noon.

Wish me luck!


This was another great value game. I doubled my starting stack on a good starting table which included one highly volatile player. Then I got moved to another table and lost all that lovely profit in several little pots. I was really happy that after rushing back from the second break, I won the first 3 pots in a row including knocking out two players taking my stack from 5k to 18k.

Sadly this table broke and I got moved to a table with lots of big chip stacks and a few obviously good players. I was a little card dead but managed to maintain my stack size, although the increasing blinds meant I was getting shorter. My stack turned into a 3-bet jam stack and then an open jam stack and once again I found myself in the situation of having around 15bb getting close to the money.

The money bubble took longer to get through the last 50 players, and it has been commented that in the 1k events, way more of the field are trying to lock it up. Me too! It’s pretty disastrous from an ICM point of view if you bust a cashing stack before the money.

With 18 players left till the money I looked down at black Queens, the same hand I had bubbled with the previous day. I shoved and got it through! I now had 13.5bb in the big blind and the action went: good LAG opens, new player shoves 15bb, it comes round to me and my calling off range here might be QQ+. I found queens again and went with it. The other guy had shoved A9s and hit an ace on the flop. Max pain again for JB!


Jamie Burland


$1000 NL starting with an initial stack of 5000 chips. I lost a little in the opening stages of the 1st level. However, I then began to find some good spots and managed to double up twice to a very healthy 16,000 come the first break.

I was feeling very confident coming back from the break, however things were not to go my way. A failed bluff attempt in a spot which I felt I had to take did some damage to my stack and in a span of around 2 hours during which I was very card dead, my once healthy stack was down to around 10bb. Eventually I picked up KJs utg with 8bb, jammed, and got called by the BB who had ATo and lost when the board ran out all low cards.


Parker “Tonkaaaa” Talbot and Adam Toulson

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Event #63 $1,000 NLH Day 2


Felt great today and prepared well for another Day 2. At start of play, there were 182 players remaining in the field. I had a fairly tough table with Cliff “Jonny Bax” Josephy in my bb. The good news was that my stack of 26k was about average for the table meaning that although I would be starting the session with 22bb, I would be able to generate plenty of fold equity.

Levels 11 and 12 were extremely card dead and I had blinded down to 8bb when I picked-up A5dd in the co and jammed. The btn folded and Cliff Josephy called while the bb folded to close the action. Josephy tabled 99 and I got there when an ace came on the flop to double me up and cripple Josephy in the process.

After the break, I was able to chip up to 45k at 1k/2k and then this hand happened:

The LoJack, who was 17.5bb (35k) deep, opened for 5k and it folded to me. I looked down and found JJ, and shipped by stack. Villain called and showed QQ. No jack-ball on the run-out and I was crippled to 3bb. While this cooler was unfortunate, I was determined to dig in and spin my stack back up. I managed to spin up to 18k as we began Level 14 at 1200/2400. A couple of orbits passed during which I was able to pick-up 2 pay jumps. Play was uneventful, however, as I looked for a spot to get my stack in. I had blinded down to 12k (5bb) when I was fortunate enough to have it fold to me on the btn where I had picked-up A9o – a veritable monster for a spot like this. I was only too happy to ship my stack but unfortunately the bb woke up with AJo and gg Henry for 86th place and $2,540.

Once again I found myself with a very playable stack with 100 players left, but could not get my key spot to hold when my Jacks ran into Villain’s Queens which are in the top 25% of Villain’s bet-calling range, so he’s bet-calling with lots of hands I’m ahead of (at least 88-TT, AK AQ AJs KQs).

I’m into Event #66 $1,500 NLH and feeling great about my chances.


Henry Jacobson

Event #65: $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em (30 minute levels)


I had a great starting table right in the corner of the amazon in this game. I had one tough German player immediately to my right but he seemed unmotivated by the game and as soon as I told him about the $1k sit and go action in the Pit he seemed more keen to go and play those.

I think I missed 1 street of value against one player but aside from that, played pretty solid and doubled my starting stack. Sadly, the corner tables are always in danger of being broken and mine indeed did break soon after the first break. I moved 3 times in quick succession which killed my momentum a little bit. Eventually I landed on the same table as Ireland’s Peter Murphy. I won a small pot from him in the first hand I played but around 30 mins later I ran KK into his AQ and couldn’t hold.


Coming into this one with a 5000 starting stack and 30 minute levels I was very aware how costly a mis-step could be in the opening levels. I sat down on a very good starting table and immediately got dealt some very playable hands in the opening levels. I was cruising into the first break on around 6.5k when in the final hand pre-break, I managed to double up when AA>JJ.
Upon returning from break I moved tables, which was unfortunate as I had been in a really good seat. My new seat was still an OK spot and I managed to chip up a little more there early on. However, much like in my previous tournament, things began to go against me. Whilst I don’t feel like I made any real mistakes, I was starting to chip down. In a key spot, a 3-street bluff didn’t work out blind vs blind when my huge straight/flush combo draw bricked out, which put my stack in jeopardy. My final hand saw my remaining 7bb jam from the LJ seat when I ran KTo into the BTN’s JJ. I could not improve on the run out.


Jamie Burland and Adam Toulson

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Event #66 $1,500 NLH


Felt great today as I set out to make it 4 cashes out of 5 in Event #66.

Everything was going smoothly as I played through Level 6 towards the dinner break. My table had been playable all day and I was feeling great about my chances.

Then I had a bad 5 minutes.

I picked-up AJo on the btn at 150/300/50 and opened for 750. Former Main Event winner Jerry Yang shipped in his last 15bb from the sb after a long, indecisive, tank. The bb folded and I, of course, called. Jerry tabled QTo and after a safe flop, the T came out on the turn. Several hands later, the co open-shipped his last 12bb (he barely had me covered) and I called him off from the bb with AA. Villain tabled 88. Again the flop was safe, but a third 8 came on the turn. Inside of 5 minutes, AJo<QTo and AA<88 and gg Henry.

I felt great about my form and felt that we all played our hearts out.I felt terrible for Jamie losing with QQ in two bubble spots where he’s a very heavy favorite to cash in both places.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our Trip Report and thank you for all of your support.


Due to a mixture of fatigue and a need for me to go home to my young family, I decided not to fire in this last event because making Day 2 would mean I would have to change my flight. I really enjoyed this trip, and feel that if I had had a better rub of the green, in particular those two bubble spots, that perhaps the package might have ended up showing a profit. Adam also decided to unregister this final event so our buy ins + mark up will be returned.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our trip report along with the Vlogs and other postings on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Thank you for all of your support and we can’t wait to get back into the action at WSOP 2018!

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